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Welcome to my biography page. It should really list every patient I have seen in my career, with a summary of what I have shared with each, sometimes teaching, many times learning and listening. That would best explain who I am. In my practice every patient is an honored guest. Each has come for a reason. Each expects and deserves my very best. Hopefully the vast majority of the time that’s what they get. Unfortunately my humanness intervenes and occasionally I disappoint, usually myself more than my patient. But I always give it my best shot.

I was born in the city of New York, but spent most of my youth in its suburbs. From there it was off to college at the too young age of sixteen, to the town of Schenectady, and a school called Union College. I still love the place.

Medical school followed, once again returning me to New York City, this time in Kings County, better known as Brooklyn, where I attended The State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center. Once my MD degree was in my hands, I left the Big Apple as fast as possible, this time traveling south to Washington, DC, where I completed internship, residency, fellowship, and even added an MBA, all at The George Washington University. I remain a clinical faculty member at that institution.

I’m married—quite happily—to a spectacular woman about whom you will learn a great deal more from my books. And I have been blessed with four very neat children, all of whom are smarter and better looking than I.

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