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From Chapter One—Contemplation

What in the world are we doing here in the first place? Why do we go to school, learn a trade to earn a living, get married, have children, and become part of a community? Why do we struggle to succeed, bear the burdens of illness and loss, and fight for what all too often in retrospect appear to be seemingly foolish goals? We all die—all of this is clearly only temporary—so why do we even bother to do these things and so many more when we already know the ending? Death is not an option, it is a certainty. The only uncertainties are the time, place, and circumstances of our demise. What then, for heaven’s sake—should there be a heaven—is the point?

True of false:

--Time is a constant. Our clocks all tick at the same rate.
--The present is the only time that is actually illuminated. The past has already occurred and is dark. The future has yet to be written, and cannot possibly affect the present or the past.
--A thorough knowledge of history can prevent a repeat of humanity’s most catastrophic and ignominious events.
--We are all in some sense victims of reality. Reality just happens.
--Life is a zero-sum game. Your gain is my loss. The pie is only so big.

In Section One, The World is Not What You Think, Dr. Klein explains why all of the above statements are false.  He identifies clues, both in hard science and in our daily lives, which establish that the world we think we know has very little in common with the way the world really works.

In Section Two, What The World Is, he explains what those clues reveal about the meaning of life and its
implication for our future together on this planet.

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