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Who does not wish to live a full and happy life?  Who does not wish to learn specific skills to deal with a whole host of life’s issues and arrive at that happiness?  And who doesn’t want to be entertained along the way? Based on insights garnered from twenty years of practicing medicine and conversations with over 100,000 patients, Dr. Klein delivers a primer guaranteed to produce lasting happiness and personal fulfillment.

Through stories and anecdotes that entertain as they teach, Klein provides the handbook for which so many of us have searched to help us in our life-long quest for a meaningful, fulfilling and happy life.

Humor is essential to life and Klein explains why in What’s So Funny? Equally critical is avoiding life-threatening Dumb Moves.  Time, a most interesting and provocative chapter, offers a very different view of the concept of time and its implications on the significance of our lives.  In Living a Life, the final chapter, Klein proposes an overall strategy for doing just that; living a life that provides personal fulfillment and lasting happiness.

Each chapter ends with a summary—In Case You Missed It —so that you can easily reference and recall important points.  Easy to read, What Do I Do Now?  A Handbook For Life, will prove to be a valuable resource for years to come.

Find answers to the following questions:
•How do you successfully manage your ego?
•Why is it important to develop a strong sense of personal responsibility?
•Why do you need to accrue accomplishments and how do you do so?
•How do you become what you wish to be?
•How do you successfully deal with adversity and acquire mental toughness?
•How do you develop the kinds of relationships that are essential to a complete, fulfilling life?
•How do you succeed at marriage?

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